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Tragacantha Gummi Apothecary Bottle- Vintage Style

Tragacantha Gummi Apothecary Bottle- Vintage Style

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Tragacantha Gummi Apothecary Bottle has a very unique industrial vintage charm to it. It has a beautiful vintage style finish and makes a handsome solo decorative bottle or can also be a stand out accent piece in a grouping. It gives a stunning rustic effect with rope tied around the bottle's neck. Use this as an accent piece in your living room or your kitchen counter. 

You can even use it as a planter which will combine perfectly with the industrial decor you're going for or create a stunning decorative corner with this!

Please note there may be some stains or discoloration. Each piece may vary in terms of size and color. 

Approx. dimension: 18.5''H


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