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Industrial Enamelware Bins and Bowls

Industrial Enamelware Bins and Bowls

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These bins have beautiful white color which has gained patina due to it's age and has a dark color on the edges. These bins have great character and add a nice touch to any room. They are perfect for organizing a plethora of items as well as make great planters! You can use these to store bathroom towels in them, use it as a tray for small items such as lotion, soap or essence sticks. It will also work as lovely tray to plate your cookies and use it as a gift tray!

Style A (small round bowl): 6 1/2" d x 1"h
Style B (bowl-med): 8" d x 2" h
Style C (Bowl-large): 9 1/2" d x 1 1/2"h
Style D (Bowl-cereal): 7"d x 2"h
Style E (rectangular): 7 1/4" x 9" x 2 3/8"h



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